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"Without IPISC's risk management products, many companies would not be able to afford to protect their IP, which could lead to business failure or acceptance of onerous licensing agreement terms at great detriment to long- term profitability."

IP Litigation on the Rise

How can you protect your intellectual assets?
The "NPE"

Non-practicing entities (“NPEs”), often referred to as “patent trolls,” are companies that derive most of their revenue from patent licensing, rather than from operations. The litigation costs and settlement demands generated as a result of patent trolls can wipe out small competitors, which stifles competition, limits choices and drives up prices. Larger competitors can pass the additional, unexpected costs of patent troll litigation to the consumer. Patent troll litigation is not just a corporate problem; it is an issue for all consumers. Despite the current debate in Congress focusing on additional patent litigation reform, this recent surge in patent lawsuits further emphasizes that the risk of your company becoming embroiled in expensive patent litigation remains a very real threat that is not likely to wane anytime soon. Patent litigation will continue to be used as an effective tool for patent holders.

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    Percentage of patent litigation is initiated by patent trolls

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Bob Fletcher
Bob Fletcher
President / CEO
Mr. Fletcher is the President and CEO of Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC). Under Mr. Fletcher’s direction, IPISC serves as the Managing General Agent and Program Manager for intellectual property risks. In addition to founding IPISC 25 years ago……more
Sheila VanMeter
Sheila VanMeter
Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Ms. VanMeter is Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Intellectual Property Insurance Services. Her responsibilities include management of Finance, Accounting, HR and administrative support and she has been with IPISC since its incorporation –25 years ago… more
Charles T. Baxter
Charles T. Baxter
Chuck Baxter is Underwriting Manager and Associate General Counsel at IPISC, and has been with the company for 13 years. He is a registered patent attorney who underwrites applications for defensive and offensive insurance for patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property risks. …..more
William L. Ritter
William L. Ritter
Asst. VP
William L. Ritter has been a Licensed Agent 30 Years Selling Property Casualty insurance. He is a Senior Account Representative employed by IPISC 25 years selling Abatement and Defense Insurance as well as other services. ….more


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