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With our IP Defense Insurance policy, we protect your company from accusations of infringement. With litigation fees that can cost you upwards of a million dollars or more, of your hard-earned monies, why assume all of the financial risk and worries yourself - cut costs now!


With our IP Enforcement Insurance policy, we help you protect your company's valuable patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets -- that you worked and invested so much for -- reducing the costs to help you stop copycats from stealing your just rewards.


With our Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) policy, we insure the value of your IP to use as collateral for a loan, helping you obtain millions in financing without having to give up precious equity. Your high quality patents deserve low-cost investment support.


With our Unauthorized Disclosure Insurance policy, we protect you from charges that you, your employees or subcontractors disclosed confidential information of others (trade secrets or proprietary information) entrusted to your company, whether the disclosure was accidental or not.

All of this proven protection, using the lawyers you choose, ...
fighting with you as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, ...
while reducing your legal costs by 50% ... or more!

Obtain Funding for Your Company While Not Giving Up Equity

Companies: Insure the Value of Your IP to be used as Collateral for a Loan
Brokers: Help Your Clients Obtain Funding Without Giving Up Equity!
Investors: Lend Monies Nearly Risk Free (or pay negative interest rates to the banks?)




  • Start-ups / pre-IPOs
  • University spin-offs
  • Clinical trials
  • Royalty streams
  • ... and more

There is much value in the patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other IP rights in your company's products and services. Properly assessed, this value can be monetized, funding for your company to use to grow.

The power of IPISC's Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) Policy is that the CPI policy insures this value, the value of your IP, for a multi-year period (typically 3 years). Your IP, plus the CPI policy, then becomes a financial asset, which you can use as collateral for loan.

By paying the equivalent of some extra interest on the loan (i.e., the cost of the CPI policy premiums and fees), you can obtain funding without giving up equity. Which do you prefer, paying 10% for a multi-million dollar loan (5% interest and 5% as policy fees), or giving up 10% - or more - of the equiity of your company?

Without IPISC's risk reduction products, many companies cannot afford to protect the value of their IP and their operations, which can result in business failure or imposition of onerous licensing terms at great detriment to long-term profits.

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