Financial Stock Market Analysis


Many IP activities, especially patent acquisition and litigation, are directly affected by the financial markets, and in turn the financial markets can be impacted by patent activities. For example, when the economy and the stock market are doing well, many companies focus more on innovation and patent acquisition to increase earnings. When the economy and stock market are not doing well, some companies decide to seek new earnings with patent litigation. Additionally, the loss of a patent at trial, or damages payment during a patent lawsuit, can affect the price of a stock, and therefore affect the stock markets.

On this Web page, IPISC will be providing its clients with links to informative articles about the financial markets, investment suggestions for those stocks most directly impacted by patent activities, and other financial information to help clients lessen the risk of their business activities, beyond buying IPISC policies.

The following links were chosen by financial analysts at IPISC. They are neither explicit recommendations to act upon. As much as possible, IPISC is trying to organize large amounts of raw useful financial information, for our clients to make use of in their planning activities.

Note: the following links cover the last few weeks of relevant financial news. IPISC maintains a much larger, more comprehensive, interactive database of such links. If you are interested in accessing this interactive database, please contact IPISC.

Financial Market News