New Quality Assessment Services from IPISC

Why IP Valuations Need a Quality Focus

“One of the dirty secrets of the IP valuation world, especially patent valuations, is that the 'experts' ignore the validity/enforceability of the IP - because they don't know enough about your technology to analyze and guarantee its validity and enforceability. Your portfolio of IP is worth no more than the money needed to invalidate the IP, or to insure against your competitors infringing your IP. If the 'experts' you use to do these evaluations aren't considering these two important issues, they are lying to you about the value of your IP portfolio.

Introduction to the Next Generation of IP Quality Assessment

A firm's most important competitive corporate assets are intellectual property, especially patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrighted works. Quality patents and trade secrets help enable companies to profit exclusively from their valuable innovations. However, industrial espionage and access to manufacturing and distribution are becoming easier, lowering barriers to competition. The value of trade secrets depends upon the security surrounding them. The value of patents depends upon their vulnerability to legal attack. What is often overlooked, is the value of all types of IP presumes the financial means of the owner to curtail infringement or misappropriation, with full legal process if necessary. The higher the quality of a company's patent portfolio, the less vulnerable it is to attack, and the more imposing the barriers to entry. The exclusive rights in a company's valuable innovations, imparted by a high-quality IP portfolio, yields higher company valuation.

Having a realistic appraisal of the quality of one's IP is critical to estimating competitive advantage. One cannot rely on the U.S. Patent office default that a "duly issued" patent is presumed to be valid, or upon a patent law firm's or valuation firm's naked assumption about value in its calculations or litigation strategy. These entities do not evaluate patent quality in their analyses. IPISC is an expert in identifying patent quality, and we can guarantee our results. The value of IP isn't what someone with business credentials opines on paper, the true value of IP is what someone is willing to pay for it now, and coincidentally the value at which it can currently be insured.

IPISC is launching the next generation of intellectual property valuation services. The power and accuracy of these services is based on decades of IPISC's expertise assessing and insuring IP quality and value, and reliability of their results are optionally backed by A+ rated insurance carriers. IPISC's services go far beyond ordinary reports and analysis provided by typical law firms or value consultants, providing a realistic view of the IP portfolio and its potential, and preparing clients to be proactive and strategic with their IP assets and R&D efforts, rather than reactive to the competitive market.

Standard Suite of IP Portfolio Assessments

Advanced IP Portfolio Assessments

Our Validity/Valuation Team and Quantum AI Tools

Our IP analysis services are managed by the underwriters at IPISC, with the most skill and experience in patent analysis and insurance, working in the original patent insurance company, which has been in successful operation for the last 25 years. Head of the IP Services team is Greg Aharonian, one of the world's experts in large-scale analysis of patent quality, author of the trailblazing book, "Patenting Art and Entertainment", editor of the Internet Patent News Service (since 1994) and the patent quality Web site,

For the last five years, the IPISC IP quality team has developed a quantum-semantic, AI-accelerated, patent quality analyzer, which the day after the USPTO issues new patents on Tuesday, simultaneously reexamines all of these 7000+ patents to a depth more detailed than that done by the USPTO (or your law firm), with guaranteed validity/valuations assessments, a historic breakthrough in the multi-billion-dollar patent prosecution industry. Powering the patent quality analyzer is the TSP accelerator chip, being developed by Groq, a leading AI acceleration chip company in Silicon Valley. This exclusive tool is but one among IPISC's full arsenal of quantitative and qualitative analytical processes utilized in our IP analysis services. To select customers, we separately offer the "Patent Office in A TSP Box", which companies can install inside the corporate firewalls.