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Every business owner wants the best for their business. But how do you pick the best when choosing an intellectual property insurance company? In such a niche industry, how is greatness measured? Meet Bob Fletcher and his team at IPISC; the industry leader in success.

Regardless of the type of client you may be, an inventor, an attorney, a financial advisor, a business owner, or an insurance broker, Bob Fletcher has first hand knowledge of your business. How? Mr. Fletcher is a patented inventor several times over, he is an attorney, he has been a financial advisor and he owns an insurance agency. In short, he's not only an accomplished man, he is also good at what he does.

For more than 20 years, Bob Fletcher has achieved the best and has made a business of providing the best service to his clients. He created IPISC to answer the need in the industry to protect his clients' intellectual property (IP) from litigation and misuse. As a thought innovator, Bob's business principals, years of knowledge and ideas have not only built IPISC, but first and foremost he has pioneered the entire IP insurance industry. It was Bob Fletcher and his company who grew the industry and created new products as they were needed for the space and his clients, and that ingenuity and drive is still evident today with the new products that Bob and the team at IPISC continue to offer to their clients.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery

IPISC is founded with years of knowledge that can only be learned and gained through time in the industry and therefore IPISC is much further evolved in their thinking and service to their clients than other IP insurers in the industry. Although competitors try to recreate the products and services that are offered by IPISC, they often fall short of providing the best direction and advice to their clients.

At IPISC, every aspect of the client's needs is evaluated to ensure that the products and services being offered are going to best serve and or protect that client. The firm's clients enjoy an entire team of experts that all work together to see their whole picture and provide services that are unmatched by competitors.